Allow NON-UNIQUE user Account# and Customer Name
Idea shared by Mark Palmos - 12/3/2015 at 3:08 PM
The reason for this is that I do work for companies where I deal separately with many people... so I want to enter all contacts for that company as separate people names/email addresses, but the same company and company number. 
The reason is that all my invoices will still be for that company, so I can use the function where I assign payments to the cilent rather than to specific invoices, and just keep a running tally of what they owe me. These clients usually do not give any invoice reference when they pay, so keeping a running tally is the only way to know how much they still owe me.

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Hello Mark
SliQ can support multiple contacts per customer. Does this feature achieve what you are asking for? See this help link for information:

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