More options to control User Access Rights
Idea shared by Jeanie - 10/4/2017 at 10:12 AM
Under Consideration
It would have been a huge security enhancement to add more options to control user access rights. 
Not every employee can record a payment. Some can View only. Others should not see the form at all.
Privileges: Either Create/ Edit/ Delete/ View OR All
Access to specific forms and specific reports.
If this is included, the software is near perfect.

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I can log a request to extend the user privileges to disallow the ability to record/ delete payments. In terms of reports the current user access right either allows access to all reports or to no reports. Can you give me some examples of reports your users would be able to see/ not see that I can document in the log entry?
Hi Jeanie, Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the extra information you gave.

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