Question asked by nawfel - 12/10/2017 at 10:51 AM
I tried to import a big catalog of mine through a CSV file.
SLIQ asks for ROWS which is not logical. it should ask for COLUMNS instead.
can you provide us with a sample CSV to be able to adjust mine
Also. SliQ does not export in CSV format otherwise I would not come here for help

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SliQTools Support Replied
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We have help on importing from CSV files here:
and also:
SliQ exports data into Excel. The help topics above cover how to save CSV files from Excel.
In terms of rows, as with most other systems, SliQ expects each data record, e.g. the data for one product, to be on a single row. You can include as many rows as you like in the CSV file, e.g. 1000 rows for 1000 product records. The import wizard then lets you match fields in SliQ with the heading for each column in the CSV file. The wizard lets you preview stepping back and forth through rows to see how your rows match your column mappings before pressing the Next button and actually performing the import.
If you email us - support @ I can reply with an example CSV file.

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