Unicode special characters
Problem reported by Marco Laverdure - 1/18/2018 at 7:02 PM
U+00E7 ç 231 ç Latin Small Letter C with cedilla 0167
U+00E8 è 232 è Latin Small Letter E with grave 0168
U+00E9 é 233 é Latin Small Letter E with acute 0169
Need support for  import special characters. The import remove them and remplace them with ?

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SliQTools Support Replied
Employee Post
Hi, Can you let us know whether you are importing into the online or desktop versions of our software? If you can email us a sample of the data you are having trouble importing that would help us see what we can do.
macXide Replied
i have this problem too ex : _้ _่ _ ู _ุ

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