How to show Subtotal minus Payments already made?
Problem reported by DPM - 2/9/2018 at 2:55 AM
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I have tried every which way I can but am unable to find a way to display a field value on invoices which represents 'Subtotal less Payments'  -  I can easily display 'Total less Payments to date', but unfortunately this is not what I want or need.
Any advice or assistance gratefully received.
If this is not currently possible in SliQ Invoicing then please could it be considered for inclusion in the next update?
Many thanks.

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SliQTools Support Replied
Employee Post
The template editor does not currently include a field such as SubtotalExPayments. There is a TotalExPayments that shows the invoice total minus the payments. I am not sure how a subtotalexpayments field would work if there was VAT payable, e.g. the payment amounts (which would include VAT) may then exceed the subtotal giving a negative value. A similar negative value might result if the carriage/ delivery charge had been paid too. If we could clarify how the field should work for you I can log the request.
DPM Replied
Thanks for your reply...  it is appreciated.
We're below the threshold for VAT registration, so it doesn't feature in our invoicing.
Also, being service based the carriage/delivery field is generally empty/null.
However, the Tax field is occasionally used to apply a global charge to every single line item on the invoice (we can find no other way to do this in SliQ Invoicing  -  I asked a question about this some time ago).
The problem occurs when we need to show the total invoice value less payments to date, whilst also factoring in the added taxes, such as handling charges, etc.
Many thanks for your time.

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