Subtotal should show EX VAT & TOTAL inc. VAT
Idea shared by Sean Jenkinson - 3/8/2018 at 3:27 AM
I get quite a few comments from clients when I email over invoices to them for payment - because the SUBTOTAL at the bottom is shown (ex-vat) they assume the prices in the main rows of the invoice are also EX-VAT.  

As I mainly sell to end users and not trade customers, the main prices are always shown inclusive of VAT
It would be useful to have the subtotals at the bottom more clearly defined - EG......
SUBTOTAL  ex-VAT      £100
CARRIAGE  ex-VAT       £0
VAT @ 20%                  £20
TOTAL inc. VAT            £120
PAYMENTS received    £0
TOTAL due                  £120
Perhaps an option to have invoices either in TRADE style (showing ex-vat prices) and RETAIL style (shown inclusive of VAT) would be useful.....

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Using SliQ options and the invoice template editor you can choose to show gross or net figures in the totals column as well as in the subtotal fields. You can also edit the titles of columns and the total fields under the list of invoice item. You can save multiple template, e.g. one for trade, one for retail, then choose to use these for specific customers. Here are some links that may be useful:
Template Fields - Choose Subtotal or SubtotalGross

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