Is it possible to create a report filtered by tax rate?
Question asked by Amir Gavriely - 9/24/2019 at 10:48 AM
I have three tax rates charged to different clients.
I need a separate summary of all the invoices taxed at 13%, 5%, 0%
How do I create this report?

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SliQTools Support Replied
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You can create a report that shows invoices containing items at specified rates by customising a copy of the Sales by Invoice Item report. To do this …

a. Go to the Reports tab, select the Sales by Invoice Item report and press the Create a Copy button in the toolbar.
b. Press the Change Title, Columns, Grouping button in the toolbar and select the VAT% column to add to the report.
c. In the dropdown at the bottom of the dialog choose to group on Num (the invoice number).
d. With the Customise dialog still open, switch to the Filter tab then in the dropdowns at the bottom choose to filter on VAT%.
e. Close the dialog.

Then in the header of the report, enter the VAT rate you wish to filter for.

Note that you can create copies of this report and name them if you wish, setting up individual reports for 13%, 5% and 0%.

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