Possibility of choosing the template (invoice/estimate/etc) from within an invoice
Idea shared by Dave Clarkson - 5/15/2020 at 7:58 AM
I dont know if it would be useful to anyone else, but I would like the ability to choose which invoice template to use within an invoice, I know I can edit and change which one is default but some clients have more detail on their invoices than others. so the ability to select a templete on an individual invoice basis would be useful.

I assume it wouldn't be difficult to add this to other types of document like estimates too. I would assume the defualt setting is selected on a new document but a drop down box to change template would be brilliant

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If I understand your question correctly you can already do this.

See this link for help on editing/ selecting a specific template for an invoice:

You can also select a specific template for a customer. See this link:

In addition to being able to select templates for invoices, you can also select specific templates for quotes, purchase orders, credit notes etc.

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