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Question asked by Hugh Radford - 1/24/2016 at 5:08 AM
Basically some of the work we do is contract work and some is one off job work, how could i create and give each "product" a name somewhere so we could create a report each year showing the split between contract and Job work bearing in mind there are sub categories of both eg a variety of different "Jobs" but they all come under the term job work
Hope that makes sense !

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SliQTools Support Replied
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Hello Hugh
If I understand correctly you should be able to achieve what you need using SliQ Invoicing's custom fields.
For example, you could add two custom fields to each product definition as described in this help topic:
You can then use the fields to enter a category (in the first field) and a subcategory (in the second field) for each product in SliQ's database. The top level categories in the first field might be "Contract" and "Job".
You could then customise SliQ's reports, e.g. the Product Sales report. You could make multiple copies of the report, e.g. one for Jobs and one for Contract. See here for help on copying reports:
Then set the title of each report appropriately:
and then set the filters on the Product Custom String 1 and Product Custom String 2 fields in the report so that the reports only show data from specific categories:
Hugh Radford Replied
Thanks Sue I will give it a try, sounds complicated to me ! :-)

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