Create Shipping Label from Customer or Invoice
Idea shared by Doc Solder - 12/30/2016 at 5:45 AM
In the print drop down for an invoice it would be nice to be able to print a shipping label using a configurable template.
You can print packing slips but not shipping labels.  Seems like an oversight.  The software is easy to use and does what is needed.  This would be a 100% purchase if it had the shipping label option.

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Okay so I edited the delivery note template and page size to suit my label size and content. However the program seems to be hard coded to an A4 paper size?
An option in templates to specify different printers might be a good idea. So one printer could be used for invoices and a different one for receipts.
SliQTools Support Replied
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Sorry, we don't currently support printing of shipping labels. However, the paper size should be a selection in your printer's settings and should be selectable when the Print dialog is shown. SliQ will scale the printout to fit the size chosen for the printer output so you can print to A5, A6 etc.
Yes but his must be set each time the application is run.
Do you think you will implement shipping labels at some point? I have found how the templates are sized and how the program communicates positions and sizes. I have made a template for shipping labels. I just use "Print delivery note" function and a shipping label comes from my Zebra.
Can you send us the delivery note template so we can see what you have achieved? It will be a file with a .DLR extension in this folder on your PC - My Documents\SliQInvoicing5\customtemplates

We have logged a request for shipping labels but can't give a timescale for implementation currently. For your requirements, do you just need to print one shipping label at a time, e.g. by selecting an invoice then printing a label with the invoice's delivery address (if present) or invoice address?

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