Allow any user-created 'Additional Fields' to be pre-populated with default text/data (optionally and at the user's discretion)
Idea shared by DPM - 2/23/2017 at 2:57 PM
Under Consideration
The Additional/Custom Fields in SliQ Invoicing are a great feature.  I have a suggestion to make which would (in my own case, at least) make them even better.
Please if possible create an option to allow us to define default text which will appear as the initial field value when any Additional Field is utilised on an invoice.  This text could of course be edited or deleted completely, if not required in specific circumstances.

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Thanks. We have an item logged to allow the additional field values to be picked from a list, e.g. like the salesperson name field. I will also log your request to allow a default/ initial value to be set.

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