Month only as date option
Idea shared by Mary Struck - 3/18/2017 at 9:56 AM
Under Consideration
I send out monthly invoices with the month/year as the title. (Ex.: "March, 2017 Invoice"). It would be nice to have a date field that automatically shows the name of the current Month only, or Month, year. (without the day).
Right now I use the salesperson dropdown (with names of months instead of salespeople) but I have to choose the month from the dropdown for every invoice.

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One possibility might be to use SliQ's date macros. The Customer Message field and the Description column for line items can contain macros for the month, year etc. The macros will be automatically replaced by the appropriate values calculated from the invoice date raised. The possible macros are:
Simple offsets can also be specified, e.g.
{month + 3} would give June  if the invoice date was in March.
Does this help or do you need a different method of giving the month, year, e.g. a field you could select in the template editor?

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