Can I add additional custom columns?
Question asked by Daniel Shannon - 10/30/2014 at 9:18 AM

I've started testing some things on the 30 day trial and I'm very impressed with the software. However, there is an obstacle which will likely stop me and my company using it, unless you can advise otherwise.

On our current invoices there are the following fields: Purchase order, qty, customer code, batch number, goods description, unit price and price.

Is it not possible to add additional custom fields to the invoices? We often have items from several different purchase orders on a single invoice and we include a batch number on each line. I can't see a way to make these appear on the invoices/templates.

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SliQTools Support Replied
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SliQ supports addition of a date field and a unit field to invoice line items. You could possibly use the unit field for a batch number or alternatively include the batch number in the line item description. See for more information on custom columns.

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