Discount/Markup Column
Idea shared by Dave Clarkson - 4/22/2017 at 4:29 AM
I often find myself using a calculator along with sliq! Surely this isn't the way forward.  I know we all want different things from the software but maybe this could be added as an option for awkward people like me!
I am a service business, I install equipment and charge for the goods plus my labour and mileage.  I have stock items for regularly used items, labour and miles.  This sets the price as per stock control and markup, so far so good.
I often add items which are not stocked as they are one offs, I have a stock item cunningly named "non-stock" @ £0.00, now I fill in item details and add the price, it would be highly beneficial if I could add a percentage or amount per item in-line rather than adding another line for the discount/markup.
I see this as a column that marked discount/markup and work in a similar way that the extra line markup works now, just using half as many lines, if its not required the column can be hidden or hidden by default and enabled if required.
This would make my life using sliq that extra bit easier, otherwise its a great package which we could not live without.

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