Accepted Quotes and Deposits
Idea shared by David Blackshaw - 6/7/2017 at 12:28 AM
i cant describe how desperate i am to find a software that will allow us to create deposit invoices for customers!
Its a nightmare to try and remember who you've invoiced what for, and keep track of who owes what when!
my suggestion would be an additional tab for 'accepted quotes'. In the quote screen, you could click
'convert to > Deposit' Which would create a deposit for say, 30% of the full value of the quote.
The quote would then be moved to 'accepted quotes' and the 30% invoice would go to the usual invoice screen.
The accepted quote would be marked as 30% paid. You could then be able to create another invoice for another 30% or whatever is required to pay the balance. There are softwares out there that allow you to do this, but they seem to cost in excess of £100 a month. The basics of the idea seem simple, but im sure the application of it isnt!
Also handy would be some form of reminder or due date on the accepted quote, so you can set yourself a reminder to generate the next due amount.

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