Is SliQ networkable?

SliQ Invoicing can save and open company files containing invoicing data to/ from a shared folder accessible over a network.

This will allow invoicing data for a company to be accessed by several user's PCs on a network.

Note: Although the company file in a shared folder is accessible on multiple computers, only one user can open the file at a time. If a user is already accessing the file, either to view or edit invoices, any other users who try to access the file will receive a warning from SliQ Invoicing that the file may already be opened by a different user. For a full multi-user system, take a look at out online invoicing software:

To use SliQ Invoicing over a network you need to do the following:-

1. Place the SliQ company file in a shared folder accessible to the computers over a network.

This can be done by using SliQ's Save As menu option to save the currently open company file into the shared folder. See here for help on Save As:

2. Install SliQ Invoicing onto each user's PC. A separate purchase/ unlock code will be required for each user's PC.

3. Copy any custom templates you've made into SliQ's customtemplates folder on each user's PC.

Note: If you have edited templates for a company, it is important to copy the custom templates to each user's PC that will use the company file on the network. If a user's PC does not have a copy of the templates, SliQ will use the predefined, default templates when printing or emailing invoice, quotes etc. from that user's PC.

To copy the templates from your PC to a shared folder, use the Configure Template Folder button on the Setup/ Templates tab:

4. On each PC, run SliQ and open the company file from its location in the shared folder on the network. See here for help on opening company files:

From that point, whenever SliQ is run on a PC it will reopen the company file.

5. On each PC, go to the Setup/ Templates tab in SliQ and press the Configure Template folder button to choose the folder containing the custom templates as set in step 3 above.