Transfer of SliQ Invoicing to a new PC

Transferring your data out of SliQ Invoicing on your old PC to a copy installed on a different PC is very easy.

To move your data, all you have to do is follow these steps:-

1. Install SliQ on the new PC

You can install SliQ from the backup CD you purchased from us OR from a local copy of the installer you originally downloaded. 

If you have purchased a current version of SliQ Invoicing (Plus or Lite) you can download a copy of the installable package from the DOWNLOADS page on our website. 

Alternatively you can upgrade to the latest version on our website by purchasing an unlock code on our sales page.

2. Enter your unlock code in SliQ's registration dialog to unlock the package

If you cannot remember your unlock code, you can retrieve it on this page:

Here is a link to help on how to enter your unlock code:

3. Save a backup of your data on the first PC

On the first PC, save a backup of your current data by selecting the Setup tab in SliQ and then pressing the Save button in the toolbar.

4. Copy the backup file and your logo to the second PC

Copy the backup file created in step 1 to the second PC using, for example, a CD, floppy disk or USB flash drive.

5. Run SliQ and load the backup file copied from the first PC

If the SliQ Startup dialog appears, press the Restore from a Backup button (highlighted in red in the picture below).

SliQ Invoicing Startup dialog

Alternatively, if you have already created a company in SliQ and the startup dialog does now appear, press the SliQ start button (highlighted in red below) and choose Company/ Restore Company.

SliQ Invoicing Start button

When the Open File dialog appears, browse to the backup you saved from version 1 and press Open to import the data into a new company file.

NOTE: If you are restoring from an old backup, the backup may not appear in the Open File dialog. In the bottom right of the dialog is a file filter - try selecting different filters, e.g. V2 Backups, V3 Backups to make the backup appear.

6. Copy any custom templates to your new PC

If you are moving SliQ Invoicing Plus to a new PC you will also need to copy any custom templates you have edited.

To copy any custom templates you have edited, transfer the contents of this folder from your old PC to your new PC:

Documents\SliQInvoicing\customtemplates (if you are transferring V2)

Documents\SliQInvoicing3\customtemplates (if you are transferring V3)

Documents\SliQInvoicing4\customtemplates (if you are transferring V4)

Documents\SliQInvoicing5\customtemplates (if you are transferring V5)

Documents\SliQInvoicing6\customtemplates (if you are transferring V6)

Note that if you were transferring between versions, e.g. from V5 to V6 you would need to copy from the relevant customtemplates folder, e.g. from Documents\SliQInvoicing5\customtemplates on the old PC to Documents\SliQInvoicing6\customtemplates on the new PC.