How do I set the correct SliQ Invoicing icon on my desktop shortcut?

Sometimes when placing or pasting a shortcut to SliQ Invoicing Plus onto your desktop, Windows using the default shortcut icon rather than the correct SliQ icon. After creating a shortcut to SliQ on your desktop, take the following steps to set the correct icon.

1. Click on the link below to load the SliQ icon into your web browser.

2. Right click on the icon and choose Save As ... to save the image to a folder on the hard drive on your PC, e.g. the C:\ drive.
3. Right click on the SliQ shortcut (with the wrong icon) on your desktop.
4. From the popup menu, choose Properties.
5. In the Properties dialog, press the Choose Icon button.
6. In the Choose Icon dialog, browse to the location where you saved the icon image in step 2, click on the icon and press the Open button.

Your shortcut should now be showing the correct icon.



This doesn't seem to work with V5 and no icon is associated with the v5.exe
Steve Tringham (12/1/2014 at 7:20 AM)
If the above sequence doesn't work, try recreating the shortcut on your desktop.

To do this, delete the shortcut on your desktop.

Then open Windows Explorer and browse to where you have installed SliQ. By default this will be in folder:

c:\program files (x86)\sliqtools\sliq invoicing plus v5\

then right click the file:


and from the popup menu choose Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)

If this still does not get an icon, repeat the advice in the original article.

SliQTools Support (12/2/2014 at 2:03 PM)