Additional Fields

SliQ Invoicing Plus has the facility to add additional fields for storing data.  In each set of additional fields, there are two string fields and one date field.  Independent sets of fields can be added for invoices, quotes and customers. So for example if you are a car repair workshop you may wish to record on every invoice the vehicle registration number, chassis number and date of registration.

 To set up the additional fields go to the main Setup tab, then select the General subtab and press the ‘Additional Fields’ button to complete the field definitions as required for each document. eg. if you want to record a 'vehicle model' on an invoice, enter 'Vehicle Model' in one of the string fields under the invoice tab.

You will then need to add these fields to your template.  You do this via the template editor.

  1. Select your template and open up the template editor
  2. Add a ‘field’ to your template and move it to where you want. 
  3. On the rhs of the template editor under the properties tab select the value of the field to be (Vehicle Model Custom String1).
  4. You then need to label this field so add a 'label' and move it to where you want.
  5. On the rhs edit the contents of the label - for example 'vehicle model'.
  6. Save & close the template editor.
  7. When you raise an invoice you will see a tab for 'additional fields'.  One will be titled 'vehicle model' and in here you enter your client's vehicle model.

Follow this procedure for each of the additional fields.

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