How to send SMTP email via Gmail

Google provides a free SMTP email server for gmail addresses. You can use the SMTP server to send invoices etc. by email using SliQ Invoicing.

To setup SliQ for SMTP using Gmail, following these instructions:-

1. Go to the Setup tab and select the Email subtab.

2. On the Email subtab, click the Email Sending Options button to bring up the Email Options dialog.

3. On the Email Options dialog, select the Send using SMTP radio button option.

4. Fill in the fields on the SMTP Details tab as follows:

SMTP Server Address:
SMTP Port: 465
From Email Address: <your gmail address>
Use SSL: check the box

5. On the SMTP Authorisation tab, fill the fields as follows:

SMTP Server Username: <your gmail address>
SMTP Server Password: < your gmail email account password>

6. Then click the Close button the close the Options dialog.
7. Follow the advice on this page from Google and enable option 2 to allow SliQ to use Google's SMTP server:
Now SliQ will send invoices etc. using SMTP whenever you click an Email button in the toolbar. Note that using SMTP also has the advantage that you can bulk email invoices and statements to customers.