I've just purchased SliQ Invoicing but the unlock code I've received does not work

If you have just purchased SliQ Invoicing and your unlock code does not work, the most likely reason is that you have purchased an unlock code for the wrong version of SliQ. For example, you may have been using SliQ Invoicing Plus but you have paid for SliQ Invoicing Lite or vice-versa.

Please check which package you have installed and which package you bought. If the package/ purchase don't match you can do one of the following:-

If you have been using SliQ Invoicing Plus but have purchased SliQ Invoicing Lite by mistake, please purchase a copy of SliQ Invoicing Plus, then raise a support ticket explaining the situation. We will then refund your original SliQ Invoicing Lite purchase. Please do this within 2 days of purchasing Lite or you will need to purchase an upgrade to Plus and we will not be able to refund your Lite purchase.

If you have purchased SliQ Invoicing Plus but have been using Lite, we recommend you download and install the Plus package and then open up your Lite company file in Plus.