How do I associate a specific template with a specific invoice or quote?

With SliQ Invoicing Plus it is possible to associate specific templates with a document such as an invoice or quote. Taking a quote as an example, if you associate a specific template with a particular quote then SliQ will use the chosen template when printing or generating a PDF. Your other quotes will continue to use the global template selection that you have set on the main Setup/ Template Setup tab.

For example, you may have a quote template that you use from time to time on which you have deleted the Subtotal, VAT and Total fields, so that the quote simply shows the total for individual line items without a grand total at the bottom. You may have created the quote template, e.g. calling it multi-quote, by editing the Classic1 quote template and removing the total fields. When you want to use the multi-quote template for a specific quote, follow the instructions in this help article:

Note: The help article describes setting a specific template for a specific invoice, but a similar procedure can be following with a quote. The help article also shows that you can edit the template from the Template dialog, but you do not need to do this if you have already created your template. All you need to do is select the template from the dropdown.

Note also, that you will want to select the Classic1 quote template on the main Setup/ Template Setup tab so that all your other quotes print as normal with totals at the bottom.