Where does SliQ Invoicing store your data?

By default, SliQ Invoicing stores all your data - company files, automatic backups and any custom templates - in subfolders under the My Documents folder on your PC. The different versions of SliQ Invoicing store data in different locations.

SliQ Invoicing V6 stores data in:

and templates in:
SliQ Invoicing Plus V5 stores data in:

My Documents\SliQInvoicing5
and templates in:
My Documents\SliQInvoicing5\CustomTemplates
SliQ Invoicing Plus V4 stores data in:

My Documents\SliQInvoicing4
and templates in:
My Documents\SliQInvoicing4\CustomTemplates
SliQ Invoicing Plus V3 stores data in:

My Documents\SliQInvoicing3
and templates in:
My Documents\SliQInvoicing3\CustomTemplates
SliQ Invoicing Plus V2 stores data in:

My Documents\SliQInvoicing
and templates in:
My Documents\SliQInvoicing\CustomTemplates
and SliQ Invoicing Lite stores data in:

My Documents\SliQInvoicingLite

Note that SliQ Invoicing handles company files in a similar way to the manner most applications, e.g. Microsoft Word, handle files. You can store company files in any folder you like on your PC or network and use SliQ's Save As, Open commands to access the file. Whenever you start SliQ it will always automatically reopen the company file it had open the last time you ran the package. See Company Files for more information.

Note that V6 can now work with an optional database server allowing shared/ simultaneous access. See http://sliqtools.co.uk/sliqserversetupoverview.aspx for more information.