How can I set a default customer message for new invoices?

If you almost always want the same customer message to be placed on a customer invoice you can tell SliQ which message is the default one to place on new invoices. This can be useful if, for example, you usually place standard text such as payment or bank details in the customer message and you want to be sure the message is in place when you print or email without having to manually check the message each time you raise a new invoice.

You set a default customer message in the Manage Customer Messages dialog. To open the dialog take the following steps:

1. Go to the main Setup tab.

2. Choose the General subtab.

3. Press the Manage Customer Messages button to bring up the Customer Messages dialog.

4. Click on the message you want to make the default.

5. Press the Default button in the toolbar.

6. Press the Close & Save button to close the dialog.

SliQ will now always use the chosen message by default when a new invoice is raised.