How do I delete a company in SliQ Invoicing?

Although you can manage an unlimited number of companies in SliQ Invoicing, SliQ only loads one company at a time. This means there is no overhead in having 10, 20 or more companies showing in SliQ's recent company file list.

However, if you want to tidy up the recent file list and remove the name of a company file you are no longer interested in you will need to close SliQ then open Windows Explorer on your PC and either rename or delete the file you are no longer interested in. When you next reopen SliQ, click on the company file in the recent files list. SliQ will warn that it cannot open the file and it will remove the name from the list.


This does not help! I want to rename some company files and delete others. Windows explorer only has backed up files. Please advise
Nicola Jones (7/27/2016 at 4:49 AM)
Hello Nicola
SliQ V5 stores data in files ending in .slinvoice5. You can rename or delete these files using Windows Explorer as well as SliQ backup files (ending in .sdb5). An alternative way of saving a company file with a different name is to use SliQ's Save As function:

However, if what you really want to do is to change the name of a business and not change the name of the file in which the business's data is stored, go to SliQ's setup tab then choose the Business Details tab and edit the business name.

SliQTools Support (7/27/2016 at 11:54 AM)