How do I send standard information with my invoices, e.g. terms and conditions or special offers?

If you want to send standard information to your customers along with your invoices, e.g. standard terms and conditions or information about sales offers you are currently running there are a number of options you can use with SliQ Invoicing Plus.
Option 1 - Include information on the invoice itself
For example you could update the Standard Text field to include the required information. On the Business Details tab under the main Setup tab there is a field into which you can write up to 2 lines of standard text. This is most often used for things like your company registration number, who to make cheques to and so on, but you can type in any text you wish. See for more information.
Another way is to include a standard customer message for an invoice. For information on editing customer messages, see Note that you can make a message the default to be included on an invoice by selecting it in the list shown on the above customer messages page and then pressing the Default button in the toolbar.
Another way is to include extra text or pictures onto the invoice template itself. See Note that any picture you place onto a template will initially be on top of the other items on the template. To get the picture to appear underneath/ behind other items such as text, select the picture with the mouse and then click the Send to Back button in the toolbar.
Option 2 - Send extra information with the invoice by email
SliQ lets you send invoices by email. Using the email template editor ( you can attach a standard document to your emails, e.g. you could attach a brochure of special offers or a document explaining your terms and conditions. You can attach different documents to different templates, e.g. one document for invoice email templates and another for quote email templates.