How do I upgrade from SliQ Invoicing Lite to SliQ Invoicing Plus?

Note: We have a video tutorial on how to upgrade from Lite to Plus here: Lite to Plus Upgrade Video Tutorial.

If you have already purchase SliQ Invoicing Lite but at a later date you need the features of SliQ Invoicing Plus, you can upgrade on our sales page at the reduced upgrade price. After checking you are eligible for an upgrade, we will email you an unlock code for SliQ Invoicing Plus.

Getting up and running with Plus is then a simple matter of downloading and installing Plus, unlocking it and then transferring your Lite company file. To do this follow these steps:-

1. Download SliQ Invoicing Plus from this page:

2. Enter your new unlock code to register SliQ as described on this page:

3. Open your Lite company file. There are two ways of doing this. If SliQ displays a "No Company Open" dialog, click the Open a Company button. Otherwise, follow the instructions on this page:

Note, your Lite company file will most likely be in this folder on the PC where you have Lite installed:

My Documents\SliQInvoicingLite

and will be a file ending in .slinvoice.

When you try to open your Lite file you may not see the company file in the File Open dialog. This may be because the file filter at the bottom right of the File Open dialog is set to "V3 Files". Switch the filter to "V2 Files" and you will be able to see Lite company files, i.e. files ending in .slinvoice.

4. When you open the file in Plus, Plus will make a copy of the file and upgrade it into Plus format.

All your data from Lite will then be available in Plus and you can continue to raise invoices etc.