Filtering V4 reports to only show unpaid items

A recent comment from a user comparing the report system in V4 to that in V3 was:

"... what I liked about the V3 Reports section Sales By Month or Sales by Invoice was that when unpaid amounts was clicked, I could see how far back in an easy list, money was owed per month.

I could then use this list to ring and chase up overdue payments."

The answer to this is that V4 reports can achieve everything possible in V3 and more. V4 reports are more configurable than in V3 so that as well as being able to filter on date you can add extra columns and filter on any of those too. Another feature is that you can create copies of the existing reports and set up your own filters. In adding the extra flexibility, we found that the older, less flexible way of filtering needed to be changed.

For example in V4, you could create your own Sales By Invoice report that only shows unpaid invoices ...

1. Click on the Sales By Invoice report.
2. Click on the Create Copy button in the toolbar. SliQ will then create a new report which is a copy of the original Sales By Invoice.
3. With the new, copied report selected, click the Change Title, Columns, Grouping button in the toolbar and then change the title to something like "Unpaid Sales by Invoice".
4. Before closing the title editing dialog, switch to the Filter Report tab.
5. In the Filter Report tab, scroll down to find the Outstanding column.
6. Click the checkbox to the left of the column to set a filter. Change the filter at the bottom of the dialog to "is not equal to 0".
7. Close the dialog.

You then have a report which only shows unpaid sales by invoices which you can select from the list on the left of the Reporting tab without needing to change any filters. You could also add extra columns to the report, e.g. the customer address or phone number as well as email address if this makes it easier to chase customers for payment.

More help on customising reports is given here: