When adding items to invoices, how do I search for products by their description?

 The invoice editing screen for SliQ Invoicing allows you to add items to invoices. For each invoice item, an item code can optionally be specified using the drop down in the lefthand column. The drop down lists the codes for any products you have added into SliQ's product database on the Products & Discounts tab. The drop down also lists a number of other options including options to:-

1. Delete the Invoice Item on the same row as the drop down.
2. Insert a Subtotal line into the invoice.
3. Launch a search dialog that let's you search for a product by its description as well as its item code.


I have Invoice Lite Version Is the feature available on this version or do I have to go PRO?
William John O'Connor (9/24/2013 at 9:55 AM)