Adding percentages to an invoice

SliQ Invoicing allows you to build a database of products and discounts ( Discounts can be specified as a percentage, e.g. 10% or an absolute amount, e.g. $10 or £10, to be deducted from the invoice.
However, you can also specify percentages manually when editing an invoice line item. To do this simply put a percentage into the price column when editing the invoice. You can either enter a positive amount, e.g. 12% to add 12% or enter a negative amount, e.g. -12% to deduct from the invoice.
Note that when entering a percentage as a line item, the percentage always applies to the previous item on the invoice. If you want the percentage to apply to ALL previous items on the invoice, enter a subtotal first then enter a new line item below the subtotal to include your percentage value.
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