SliQ Invoicing Plus V3.5 Released

SliQ Invoicing Plus version 3.5.0 has been released. Version 3.5 adds improvements to payment terms, allowing terms to be specified as end of month plus a number of days, e.g. end of month plus 30 days. Also, 3.5 allows data to be imported from Excel/ CSV files making it easier to move data from other packages into SliQ. As per our upgrade policy, version 3.5 is a free upgrade for existing customers who have purchased version 3 already and is available at a reduced price to customers who have previously bought versions 1 or 2.

Full details of the new features in 3.5 are shown on our Release History page together with a link allowing download of the latest version. Downloading and installing will not affect any company data, invoices etc. that you already have on your PC.